A&R & Sync Manager

Job description

bitbird is a record label and creative company spearheaded by San Holo, based in The Netherlands.

As A&R & Sync Manager you will be responsible for the discovery and development of our label and publishing clients, as well as the representation of our catalog for sync. You'll be overseeing the release schedule of the label together with our label manager and will be working closely with the artists to maximize their creative output and the quality of their music. A typical day would include working on collaborations, sessions, finding featuring artists, scouting new talent, clearing samples and remixes, brainstorming cover ideas, procuring co-writes, getting songs cut by other artists - think 360 degree A&R, as well as the responding to sync inquiries, expanding our network of supervisors and sync representatives.

We're looking for a creative who preferably is based in an international creative hub (in order of preference: LA, NYC, Amsterdam, London, Berlin) who is aware of trends, is tuned into the music industry, has a go-getter mentality, a good ear, people skills and knack for creating valuable opportunities. 


  • A&R management: Overseeing the creative development of our artists and writers, contributing to the release schedule, establishing strategic collaborations (co-writes, sessions, featurings, remixes, collaborations, getting songs cut by others), constructively critiquing music.
  • Synch licensing: handle synch requests, liaison with synch partners to create opportunities for artists & writers, and maintain relationships with music supervisors, sync agents and brands.
  • Remix management: managing, procuring and facilitating remix opportunities, both incoming and procured.
  • Trend watching & signing new talent: monitoring playlists, streaming platforms and charts and following industry news to discover new signings and collaborative ideas.
  • Industry relationship management: creating, maintaining and maximizing relationships with artists, songwriters, publishers, labels and other managers - including data entry in the associated relationship databases.


  • College / University degree. Bachelor as minimum.

  • 1+ year(s) of experience in the (electronic) music industry.

  • Understanding of copyright and music legalities. You are able to negotiate terms for recording, publishing and sync contracts.

  • Good ear for music. You've been discovering the best new music for years and follow the most influential Spotify playlists.

  • People person. You're outgoing, like networking, taking initiative and are often found at industry events and shows. You have an existing network of industry professionals and artists.

  • Go-getter. You're diligent and do not wait to be told what to do. You don't mind working late or doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Punctual, good with deadlines and representative in spoken and written word.
  • No conflict of interest with bitbird's activities: we ask full commitment from our team members and do not accept artist management, publishing or label activities on the side whilst working with us.
  • Preferably living in a creative hub, LA, NYC, Amsterdam, London, Berlin.

  • Ability to work 40+ hours/week.

bitbird is a start-up and this position is an opportunity for those with ambitions to grow in the music industry to build experience and grow with us as a company. Our culture is open to taking young and aspiring individuals and investing in them to cultivate the best in the industry. Experience is a bonus, but we're all about hiring smart and motivated individuals who are willing to learn.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your resume and motivational letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate and why you'd fit our team. Include 5 songs that you believe are indicative of the most important new musical trends and explain us why. We will get back to you if we like your application.